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Kittled paper: Custom paper letterheads for your business

Kind paper is a key element in the corporate image of any company, since it represents its identity and professionalism in commercial relations. In this article, we will talk about the different types of letterhead, the colors and finishes available, the type of printing and quantity, and the customizable data that can be included. In ABC printing, we offer a wide variety of options to customize your letterhead, from small quantities to large orders, to help you create a solid and professional image for your company. Contact us to learn more about all available options and let our graphic experience help you stand out in your commercial relationships.

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When we talk about corporate stationery, one of the most important elements is the letterhead. This is a fundamental tool in commercial and business relations between companies, suppliers, collaborators and customers, since it is the written media that represents the image of the company. In this text, we will talk about the characteristics of the letterhead, the different types of printing and finishes, the available materials and amounts, and the data that can be included in their personalization.

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Types of letterhead

The paper for high weight letter is effective in giving good quality and durability to printed documents. Among the types of letterhead we can find, the following stand out:

-As 90 grams: it is one of the most used by companies. It is the most commonly used in the printing of invoices, letters and notifications. Its grammage is optimal for the printing of documents and guarantees excellent quality.

-Reciclado: This type of letterhead is a good option for companies that seek to be more environmentally friendly. It is made of recycled material, which makes it a sustainable option.


What is the letterhead?

The letterhead is one that has the logo and data of a company in the upper part, which is used for several functions, from presentation letters to invoices.

How can I customize my letterhead?

You can customize your letterhead with the logo and data of your company, choosing the grammage and quality that adapts to your needs.

What is the recommended grammage for the letterhead?

The recommended grammage for the letterhead is between 80 and 90 grams of thickness, thus ensuring good quality and duration.

What advantages do you print killed leaves in a printing press?

The advantages of printing killed leaves in a printing press are a professional design, high print quality and a more economical cost compared to performing it in a company or office.

What are the uses of the letterhead?

The uses of the letterhead are varied, from corporate stationery of the company, internal communications, printed invoices, greeting letters to confidential material in an organization.

How can I make a letter request in ABC printing?

You can make an order of letterhead in ABC imprint in person at our offices or through our website.

Are there standard sizes for letterhead?

Yes, the standard size for the letterhead is A4 (29.7 x 21cm), although personalized measures can be made.

What is the advantage of using recycled paper for letterhead?

The advantage of recycled paper is that the environment is taken care of and the reuse of office waste is contributed to avoid continuous logging.

Can you print on letterhead in different colors?

Yes, the letterhead can be printed in different colors, although the less colors it has, the lower the cost of printing.

Why is it important to use letterhead in business communication?

The use of letterhead in business communication allows to transmit a formal and professional image, which is important in any business or administrative field.

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Colors and finishes

The Kind paper can be customized in different colors and finishes, according to the preferences of each company. Although the most commonly used color is white, you can also find formats in other colors, depending on the need of each client.

Also, it is possible to customize the edge of the edge of the paper, to give an additional touch according to the type of document being sent. For example, you can opt for a picos finish, rounded or straight.

Type of printing and quantity

The Type of prints used for the offset paper is offset impression, which allows a high print quality regardless of the amount to be printed.

Customizable forms and data

One of the main characteristics of the letterhead is that it can be customized to include different data associated with the corporate image of the company. Next, some of the most used data are presented:

-Gomage: The logo is the most important visual element of the company, and must be included in the lettering paper in a prominent way.

-Contact Data: It is important that the letterhead contains the company’s contact data, such as the company’s name, its address, telephone and email, as well as its website.

-Fiscal Data: In the case of invoices, it is necessary to include the fiscal data of the company, such as its identification number, corporate name, among others.

The Kind paper is a fundamental tool in the corporate stationery of any company. It allows to transmit a solid and professional image, and helps establish relationships with clients and suppliers. In ABC printing, we have a wide variety of options to customize your letterhead, from different types of paper to finishes and quantities. Contact us to learn more about all available options and let our graphic experience help you create a solid image for your company.


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