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Rivet gun

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Also known as the gun to label ; The Navigan gun is the essential and basic instrument for the genre of your store to be well identified, it looks with colorlessness in the showcase in which you have decided to hang it, and always cause a positive reaction in your usual and new clientele.
Is an easy to carry a machine, very simple and anyone who integrates your team of employees with just a few indications can immediately use it. It has a size, which makes it very light, and an ergonomic structure that confers great qualities of adaptability to any hand.

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We talk about a manual machine, which is progressively installing and one by one the nurses to the surface of the label, regardless of which material it is made. In this particular, it is important to highlight that it can adhere to labels made of cardboard of different weight, including those of 350 grams, plastics, fabric and paper.

In each and every one of these materials, the label in question will remain safe, and very well placed, without fear that at some point they will emerge, because it is an instrument that fully ensures the surface.

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In ABC printing we think of each and every one of the needs of our clientele. We work in the world of graphic arts for more than a decade. Since 2004 we have made the labeling, image, design, and printing our way of life, therefore, we know all those, accessories that our clientele requires and have added to our wide list products the labeling gun, or browsing dispenser.


What is a browse gun and what is its main function?

A browsed gun, also known as gun to label, is an essential tool to identify products and exhibit hanging tags effectively in your store.

Why should I consider the use of a browsing gun in my business?

The browse gun is essential to ensure that your products are well identified and displayed in an attractive way in the showcase, which can attract more customers.

How does a browse gun works?

The Navigan gun is a manual tool that progressively installs and one by one the nurses on the surface of the hanging labels, regardless of the material in which they are made.

In what types of materials can hanging tags with brows be used?

Collant tags with brows can be used in a variety of materials, such as cardboard, plastic, fabric and paper, which makes them versatile for different types of products.

Are browses safe in terms of maintaining the labels in place?

The browses ensure the labels safely and prevent them from detaching, which guarantees that your products are always well identified.

What are the benefits of using a browsing gun in my store?

Using a browsing gun facilitates the identification of products, increases customer confidence by providing detailed information and allows rapid price and information changes according to seasons.

Are browsed guns easy to use?

Yes, browse guns are easy to use and any person in your team of employees can learn to use them with a few indications.

Can I use a browse gun in different types of textiles?

Navigan guns are ideal for identifying all kinds of tissues without damaging them, including synthetic and natural.

Do you offer different sizes or browsing gun styles?

We offer a variety of browsed guns to adapt to your specific labeling and design needs.

What should I do if I can't find what I need on your website? Does it mean that they don't manufacture it?

In ABC printing, we are dedicated to finding customary solutions for each client. If you do not find what you need on our website, it does not mean that we do not manufacture it. Contact us through the medium of your preference, and we will gladly give you a personalized advice to try to help you find the solution you need. We are here to help you meet your printing requirements effectively.

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Fernando Conesa
Fernando Conesa
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Los plazos de entrega son muy buenos y cuando hemos tenido alguna urgencia real han hecho todo lo posible por entregarnos el material a tiempo. Precio, calidad, atención, profesionalidad. Muy contentos con ellos.
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Unos grandes profesionales que hacen un trabajo impecable y con un atención al público excelente. Me han dejado mi coche excepcionalmente bien.
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Estamos muy contentos con la calidad del trabajo, la rapidez de envío y los buenos precios de ABC Imprenta. Hicimos etiquetas adhesivas, y salieron muy bonitas. Muchas gracias por vuestra profesionalidad!.
Paula Ferrandez
Paula Ferrandez
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Genial, he pedido unas etiquetas con ellos y la atención y el resultado han sido de 10. Sin duda repetiré.
Pablo Gonzalez
Pablo Gonzalez
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Son unos cracks, siempre hacen su trabajo a la perfección y además su trato humano es genial, siempre que he ido han sido muy amables y ayudan siempre a resolver cualquier problema o duda que te surja. Todo un acierto trabajar con ellos, sin duda!!.
Vanessa Gomez
Vanessa Gomez
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Tengo un centro de estética y trabajo con ellos desde hace muchos años, desde el primer día me han hecho las tarjetas, flyers, carteles, camisetas... son muy profesionales y muy muy amables. Sin duda seguiré trabajando con ellos muchos años más.



Guns to put plastic threads

Also known for identifying all kinds of tissues without damaging them, applicable to all types of textiles, and different materials, including synthetic, and natural tissues; Everyone will remain intact because they will be identified by delicate and very fine nurses made with the thickness of a delicate needle with which you can place prices, codes and references, imposing a very orderly identification system for your business.

Yourself to our office office, we have it at your fingertips, with maximum quality, and approved and according to the demands of the European Union; We offer you the amount of specimens you need and we reach your home, in the agreed time.

Gun, will have a guarantee of use, as long as its application is correct, have one; And of these characteristics will bring endless advantages, in addition to the aforementioned order, the possibility of identifying the piece without having your strict participation in the sale process, client’s confidence who feeling widely informed, will make the decision long before To buy, and the possibility of changing prices and information instantly, depending on the season in which you want to offer it to the public, and not less important, you can control possible thefts in your store.

Easy to use, light, effective, light, useful, and of very simple transfer, acquire it will always be a success, an investment that you can make profitable for a long time and enjoy its benefits throughout your entire career as an entrepreneur.


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