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Custom T -shirts: Design and Quality for your event or company

Do you need to highlight something special in your staff or event? Do not look any further! Our custom t -shirts are the perfect solution to transmit your message without saying a word. Either for business advertising, events or uniforms, our shirts will not go unnoticed.

We offer Impression to a single ink or full color, so you can customize them according to your liking. In addition, our methods of screen printing and digital printing guarantee quality and durability. Create your own style with our custom t -shirts! Ask for your personalized budget and differentiate your staff or event with our service.

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Personalized T -shirts: A unique option to highlight in events and equipment

In ABC Printing we specialize in offering personalized t -shirts for staff and events. We know that quality and efficiency are fundamental when creating a brand image, and therefore we work with the best materials and printing techniques to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

Our team of professionals is highly trained to give you the best advice in terms of textiles and printed ones, and our budget adapts to your reality so you can obtain the best value for money. If you need custom t -shirts, ABC printing is the solution!

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5 reasons to choose our custom shirts to promote your staff and events

  • You will highlight your brand and message effectively
  • Highest print and durability quality
  • Design and sizes versatility
  • Printing and Textile Expert Team for advice
  • completely personalized budgets adapted to your need


What materials do you use for custom t -shirts?

We mainly use cotton and polyester, but we also have other more complex materials that offer greater comfort.

How long does it take to produce custom t -shirts?

The production time depends on the number of shirts and the chosen print method, but usually between 5 and 10 working days.

Do they offer sizes for children and adults?

Yes, we have sizes for both groups.

Do they make shipments and how much does it cost?

We make totally free shipments to the entire Spanish peninsula

What is the minimum amount of shirts that can be requested?

It depends on the chosen print method, but usually the minimum amount is 10 to 15 units.

Can I customize t -shirts with your own images or logos?

Yes, you can customize the shirts with any image or logo you want.

What is the customization cost of the shirts?

What is the customization cost of the shirts?

Can I see a design sample before printing all the shirts?

As long as it is a large order we can agree on a design sample before printing all the shirts.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept bank transfers, credit cards and PayPal.

Do you offer discounts for quantity of t -shirts?

Yes, we offer discounts for number of shirts, depending on the amount asked.

Our reviews in

Fernando Conesa
Fernando Conesa
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The delivery times are very good and when we have had some real urgency they have done everything possible to deliver the material on time. Price, quality, attention, professionalism. Very happy with them.
Read More
Great professionals who do an impeccable job and excellent customer service. They have left my car exceptionally well.
Read More
We are very happy with the quality of the work, the speed of delivery and the good prices of ABC Imprenta. We made stickers, and they came out very nice. Thank you very much for your professionalism.
Paula Ferrandez
Paula Ferrandez
Read More
Great, I have ordered some labels with them and the attention and the result have been of 10. I will definitely repeat.
Pablo Gonzalez
Pablo Gonzalez
Read More
They are excellent, always do their job perfectly and also their human treatment is great, whenever I've been there they have been very friendly and always help to solve any problem or doubt that arises. It's a great success to work with them, no doubt about it!
Vanessa Gomez
Vanessa Gomez
Read More
I have a beauty salon and I have been working with them for many years, since the first day they have made my cards, flyers, posters, t-shirts... they are very professional and very very friendly. Without a doubt I will continue working with them for many years to come.



Highlight your business or event with our custom t -shirts!

Custom t -shirts are an excellent option to highlight in events, equipment and staff. They are garments that allow a wide variety of customization, from color to the type of printing, which makes them a perfect option to show the logo or message of a company or event. In this text we will tell you about the different characteristics that you can choose to customize your shirts and give you detailed information about the materials, types of printing, quantities and finishes.

Some of the business sectors and events where our personalized shirts can be used are:

    • Restaurants and coffee shops
    • Hotels and resorts
    • Clothing and accessories stores
    • Gymnasiums and sports centers
    • Fairs and exhibitions
    • Festivals and concerts
    • Sports teams and social clubs
    • Educational centers and universities
    • Non -profit organizations
    • Weddings, bachelor parties and birthdays


Custom T -shirts colors and materials

The personalized shirts can be designed in a variety of colors and materials to adapt to any need. If you need specific tones for your event or brand, do not worry, it is possible to customize the shirts in the color you want. As for the materials, the most common is to use cotton or polyester, but you can also find custom t -shirts of more complex materials that offer greater comfort.

Printing methods for custom t -shirts

The customization of the shirts, there are two print methods: the screengraphy and digital direct impression (DTG). Serigraphy is a traditional technique that applies ink to a template to create the design in the garment. It is a lasting and economical technique for large amounts of t -shirts. On the other hand, direct digital impression (DTG) is a more modern printing method, which allows you to print directly on the shirt, allowing greater freedom in the designs and is more effective for minor amounts.

Quantity and finishes

The quantity is important when customizing your shirts. In general, screen printing is the most profitable technique for large quantities. In addition, it is important to take into account the finishes, you can choose if you want a matte or bright finish, as well as if you want an impression on the front, on the back or on both sides of the shirt.

Type of data that can be included in customization

The customization of the shirts is also possible to include different data such as names, dates, titles, identification numbers, among others. This is very useful when it comes to sports equipment or events in which staff need to be identified.

Summary, custom t -shirts are an excellent option to stand out in events, staff and equipment. You can choose between different types of t -shirts, colors and materials. In addition, there are different print options to support the design you need. And last but not least, you can customize your shirts according to your requirement.

Are you ready to customize your shirts? Contact us now! We offer you a personalized budget and adapted to your needs. What do you expect to take your custom t -shirts?


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